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Specialized In
  • Knob and Tube Wiring
  • ESA Deficiency Report Correction
  • Pool Pump & Heater Wiring
  • Home Inspection for Insurance Approval
Authorized and Approved Contractor







Whether you need Industrial, Residential or Commercial services, we are your one-stop contractor for all your electrical needs, problems and concern, and upgrade your system on time at reasonable quoted price. So when you need an electrical contractor you can confidently count on ASH Electrical System. 

Why Choose Us? As all the work will be done by Licensed Electricians and Master Electrician including Electrical Safety Authority permit and inspection. We are fully Insured and offer 24/7 Emergency Services.

To cut back your energy consumption and save more money on your electricity bill, we specialize and bring new ideas in rewiring Industrial, Commercial or Residential area to meet future technological requirements, and offer full energy saving inspection

We offer and specialize in;

  • Replacement of Knob and Tube wiring.
  • ESA Deficiency Report Correction.
  • Renovation and New wiring for Commercial, Residential and Industrial.
  • Pool Pump and Heater wiring
  • Pot Light Installation.
  • Surge and GFCI protection installation.
  • Service calls for Commercial Residential and Industrial Customers
  • Energy saving devices installation.
  • Gas and Smoke detector installation.
  • Wireless Lighting Control Sytems.
  • New Service or 100, 200, 400 amps Service Upgrades.
  • Service Panels Upgrades.
  • Replacement of Electrical Panels from Fuses to Breakers.
  • Fire Alarm Installations.
  • Electrical Safety Authority Permit and Inspection.
  • Removal of all Old Existing Equipment.
  • Installation of Entrance Cables and Circuit Breakers.
  • Interior/Exterior Wiring, Rewiring and Consulting.
  • Installation of Power outlet, Wall Switches, Dimmers and Retrofitting.
  • Emergency services - 24/7.
  • Installation of Machines and Equipments.
  • Rewire Lamps, Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers.
  • Parking Area Lights.
  • Neon Sign Lighting.
  • Security Lighting.
  • Repair of Aluminum Wiring.
  • Troubleshoot Wiring and Devices.
  • Computer Network Cabling.
  • Installation of Heated Floors.
  • Installation of Appliances for Industrial, Commercial and Residential.
  • And much more.

D-I-Y renovation and improvement projects can be fun, but when it comes to electrical repairs and wiring it is wise and recommended to leave the job to a Licensed Electrician.

Over the years we have completed number of projects and would always appreciate an opportunity to give us a call, to solve your electrical upgrades, needs and problems.

Everything from fuses to breakers to lighting to electrical design and maintenance,
ASH Electrical System is ready to offer fast, excellent services at a reasonable quote.

In order to provide a complete range of installation services we are experienced and equipped to handle services which includes planning, layout, trenching, conduit as well as concrete forming and pouring.

We are sure you will appreciate our quality professional advice and excellent workmanship